What Nigerians Do Not Know

Nothings rapes the fettle of a sound man like vesting his garrulous vim on the chaotic events in this nut vicinity, Nigeria. In order to contain your sanity in luxury, you may have to evade discussing the polity; the people and the politicians of this banana Republic. Just pretend you are not noticing their dance of absurd and give blind ears to their crass jingles, only then can you give your fettle some leverage from unsafe intercourse.

However, don’t be too eager to take my prognosis to the casino, for even if one may pretend to be disinterested in the hullabaloo of this hell-hole, it is no assurance that the madness of this nation will not be interested in you.

The first victim of Nigeria is the Nigerian. No other person victimizes him than another Nigerian who is also a victim of another victim in this territory. Everything you see in a place is nothing but a projection of totality of the state of mind of the occupants and residents of that place. The habitat of pigs cannot go any further than the luxury of a typical pigsty. The environment of the rabbit will be drilled to the taste of the rabbit. The pen will always be odiferous of the stench of goats. The pig cannot build nests and become neighbours with the Eagle. My home is simply a projection of me. If you go to the house of a clean man, it is the hygiene and sanitation of his home that will speak to you. You go to the home of a dirty man, the reception at his home will look like him.

If a goat is taken from the pen and put in the nest of the eagle, you’ll kill her. For that is not her place. If you put an Eagle in a rabbit’s hole, you’ll make her sick. If a man of good hygiene is made to live in the home of a man known for uncleanliness, there will be chaos. The hygienic man who is made a subject to the unclean man will never know peace and he’ll constantly be fighting his host. That is what happens when some of us are made to live in a place that is not in tandem with our mindset and nature.

To put it respectfully, Nigeria, sadly, is a place where common sense is a miracle. Rational thinking is an extinction, and reasoning is to Nigeria what summer is to Eskimos. It’s very hilarious, it’s very shameful, this I know but the truth, it is and my doing, it is not. A large population of the Nigerian masses are religious, estimated at 94% of the population. And like what religion does, it beclouds the sense of reasoning in people, thus, compromising their sense of judgement. Once the sense of judgement of a man is sabotaged, you cannot trust him to make sound choices, clarity of purpose on issues which includes his anger, sentiments, humour, responses, actions, non-actions, comprehension, etc and this has nothing to do with his classroom education.

A typical Nigerian will rather be offended by the sight of gays or a lady on skimpy dress than the police physically abusing a man. To him, the lady is on a short dress is a harlot and the homosexual is a greater evil than the police beating up a harmless civilian on the street. When a man accused of petty larceny is caught on the Nigerian streets, he gets burned alive or lynched to death by a mob of zealots. But when their politicians, the ones of theft and looting walk through the streets, these same mob convert themselves to cheering crowds and supporters. That is how remarkable their sense of judgement goes.

They are all victims of themselves. The police, military, business owners, students, civil servants victimize themselves in Nigeria. What is found in the government is found in the civilians. The government is simply the civilians who are accorded the virtue to exercise authority. They are one and the same flock playing different roles.

Recently, some soldeirs went agog, burning buses and destroying properties, beating up randome people in Lagos because their colleague was knocked down by a government vehicle. The Nigerian masses were crying foul, but unknown to them, this is duplication of themselves in military uniforms. Aren’t these soldeirs duplicating what the civilian does to another civilian he calls gay, thief, witch or whatever irritating cliche they deem fit? Unless Nigerians deal with themselves and their mentality, nothing is going to change; they’ll keep on preying on one another and then turn around to pray for an imaginary man in the sky for help. There is no miracle other this: the change of mentality of the average Nigerian is Nigeria’s salvation.

By Imoh “Son of David”

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